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Colour Explosion Greeting Card Range
Colour Explosion Greeting Card Range

As a small independent card designer in a very competitive market, we want to reach as many customers as we can in a sustainable way. In these unprecedented times it’s natural for people to want to stay connected with loved ones and we recognise, now more than ever, how important our online presence is for us and our customers.

More people are turning to the internet for greeting card purchases instead of braving the supermarkets. We’ve certainly seen an increase in online sales and traffic over the last few weeks.

Although our online presence is limited compared to some card retailers, we think carefully about who we partner with. Our main channels, other than our website, consist of a couple of platforms that support independent stationery creators.

We’ve recently re-opened our Etsy shop which, over the years, has allowed us to reach hundreds of customers and gain over two hundred 5-star reviews.

We also have a small selection of cards available to buy from Thortful. It’s a great marketplace for really creative cards and, like Etsy, supports small independents like us. It’s also a great way of getting your hands on one of our designs if we are out of stock of the card you want. They print and despatch them direct.

Stay safe everyone..

Lynsey x

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Welcome to Pearl of a Girl Stationery

Hey this is Lynsey, I am Pearl of a Girl Stationery and this is my first blog post (that statement sounds very alcoholics anonymous doesn’t it?!).

I would just like to make a disclaimer before you continue to read this, I am no great writer or philosophical thinker. I am just a 40 something woman with a love of hand lettering, greeting cards and stationery and someone who is lucky enough to come from the beautiful ‘straight talking county’ of Yorkshire.

I should have started this blog 2 years ago when I first launched Pearl of Girl Stationery and I didn’t. It has taken me until now to realise why.

Obviously one of the big reasons is… it’s daunting. I read a few different designers blogs from some amazing stationery designers who are seasoned experts you might say. Their blog posts brim with wisdom and confidence and that was my problem right there – confidence. It’s not that I lack confidence; I am very personable and outgoing. It’s what I would say is one of my redeeming features (perhaps). The confidence I lacked was in my abilities as a designer and my brand. When I first started out I knew what I liked but lacked any clear direction to where I was going to take Pearl of a Girl Stationery.

Was my love of all things print, typography & paper just a hobby or was this my calling? I studied Graphic Design at College and University where I left with, let’s say, distinctly ‘average’ grades. I have since realised that as much as I loved Graphic Design I felt my course was very one-dimensional. If you are not setting the Graphic Design world on fire with your ground-breaking designs that are recognised by industry leaders, or if your whole career aspiration wasn’t to work in some minimalist design studio in Soho and be paid peanuts for working on advertisements for big corporates, then you are pretty much told ‘you ain’t gunna make it’ (said in a Yorkshire accent).

I realised I did not fit into that bracket and that is where I lost my confidence in design and decided the job description of designer was not for me. Instead I decided to express my love of design by purchasing well-designed goods, things I loved, things that expressed my personality.

I started working for O2 in a middle management role and was generally happy there for 10 years. My family and friends always commented on what a good eye I had for design and that it was wasted at O2. But working there paid a good wage and supported me in becoming a parent.

Parenthood was when I realised I could do anything I wanted. Let’s face it if I could take on the role in shaping 3 little people’s lives then surely the world was my oyster, right? So, I bite the bullet left O2 after the birth of my third baby. I would like to say I never looked back but that would be a lie. It was the confidence thing again! Can I do this? Are my designs good enough? Can I expand my love of print into a profitable business? It’s the answer to those questions that have taken years for me to work out and the delay in writing this post.

YES, Lynsey you can and if you don’t try you’ll never know. I have so much belief, passion and desire to make Pearl of a Girl Stationery a success. So here I am on the brink of re-launching Pearl of a Girl Stationery, to the retail trade. I have signed up for my very first trade fair PGLIVE2017 at the London Design Centre in June. This is where I will be launching all my new ranges of greeting cards to lots of lovely retailers.

My future blog posts will not only contain some of my work, but my journey from Etsy to trade. Lessons I have learnt, times I have failed and if all goes to plan times I have succeeded. I will share my love of all things paper, print and colour. I will also champion my appreciation of other designer’s work and their wisdom to which I am grateful.

Speak soon Lynsey